Kate Carr

Field recording in Brixton, London for a photo shoot for The New York Times, Photo: Tom Jamieson

Kate Carr's sound art is grounded within the speculative and exploratory practice of field recording and composition. Her ambient and haunting work is presented as live performance, installation or distributed media releases. Field recording is the sonic exploration of the live, characteristic, and sometimes hidden sounds of an environment, be this the sounds within a body of water, the internal sounds of buildings, or the sounds deep within the earth. Kate employs field recording within thoughtful and considered musical compositions that often set out to blur the boundaries between instruments and ‘found’ recorded sounds, highlighting an intimate overlap between nature and culture. Her work explores the sometimes complex and contradictory relationship between the natural world, place, identity and being.

Kate Carr has worked and performed Internationally including Iceland, Thailand, Mexico, France, Australia and the USA. Her audio work has been broadcasted and presented on Radio 6, Late Junction and she has performed lives at International platforms such as Sonorities, Belfast, Café OTO and the Horse Hospital (both London) and Norðanvindur sound art festival, Iceland. Her work has been shown at galleries including the Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney, Australia, the Kochi Muzaris Biennale – India, and Transition- Mken, Sweden. She runs and owns the highly regarded record label – Flaming Pines (UK)

TACO! has invited Kate to develop a new sound work and sculptural installation derived from the sonic environment and context of Thamesmead, with its unique urban architecture, green spaces, canals, and diverse communities, all adjacent to the River Thames. Kate will be developing the new work for presentation in 2018 along with a new piece made for Vinyl. A series of free field recording workshops are planned during Kate’s residency.