M25 B 93.2 [mad bridge]

phil coy

Phil Coy documents Land Ownership Parcel :11648 with photographs taken during the consultation period of the planned Heathrow Third Runway expansion.

The area consists of a largely wild habitat, homeless shelters, and discarded rubbish covering the now disused ‘Mad Bridge’ which crosses the Wraysbury River and once lead to Poyle but is now abruptly cut off by the M25. The area is also adjacent to the south of the access road connecting the M25 with Terminal 5 and land designated for Heathrow’s proposed third runway.

Typeset in Albertus, font designed by Berthold Wolpe, circa 1932.

300 copies with 100 signed and numbered.

If shipping to UK, select Shipping Option ‘UK: Zine’.

30 Poplar Place
SE28 8BA                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ︎      ︎       ︎       ︎