nimby (not in my back yard)

josh wright

20 pp
Edition of 50 + 5 Artist Proofs

According to Labour MP Marsha De Cordova in an article written in April of last year there are now almost 7,000 families on Wandsworth and Battersea Councils waiting list. Housing developments should be solving this crisis, but unless the government’s starts prioritising residents over developers, it will only add fuel to the fire. This artist provides an eclectic mix of the artists musings on on urban domestic living over the past year. A year in which many of us have spent more time than ever before in the home.

The book features an interview with Professor Loretta Lees, an urban geographer who is internationally known for her research on gentrification/urban regeneration and urban social theory.

An artist book by Josh Wright accompanying the project of the same title with Contemporary Collaborations and Robert Young Antiques in Battersea.

30 Poplar Place
SE28 8BA

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