Re-Enchanted Matter

20 x 20cm
Edition of 150
62 pages

Produced by Hot Desque

Artists included: Kara Chin, Lizzy Drury, Kira Freije, Kay Gesai, Egle Jauncems, Neena Percy, Plastique Fantastique, Godai Sahara, Maxima Smith, Lara Smithson, Korallia Stergides, Elly Thomas, Tom Worsfold

To re-enchant matter is to enact a metamorphic transformation. In the artist’s studio or, in light of recent events, possibly in a living room, artists are constantly navigating the matter of their practice. Ideas and material are transformed from one state into another as they are dismantled, dissected, doubled, only to be re-configured as the maker’s own. Once the process is complete, something new has hatched.

The topic of metamorphosis is by its very definition always changing and vastly expansive. The publication demonstrates the constantly shifting nature of things and the transformative process inherent in art-making, while considering the constant mutations occurring in the societies and cultures around us.

To re-enchant matter is to re-mystify, re-imagine, re-order, re-build.

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SE28 8BA

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