Laura Wilson

The raw materials of basic production- bricks, mortar, stone, dough and their interaction with light, time and movement. In the work of Laura Wilson these elements form the focus of an ongoing inquiry into the everyday materials of the world we inhabit. Her inquiry is often presented as performative, sculptural, or architectural interventions comprising of physical objects, performers or events. Laura's interests lie in the potential of materials to create, pass on, translate or store memory, knowledge and cultures. Collaboration with other practices and professions is central to her way of working, and she has worked with bakers, choreographers, millers, musicians, archaeologists, and scientists in the realisation of artworks that invoke tactile pleasure, immediacy and familiar physicality.

At TACO!, Laura has been researching and developing her project - Trained on Veda, an exploration of Veda Bread, a dark brown malt loaf produced only in Northern Ireland, that has not been consumed in mainland UK for over 100 years. Laura has been exploring ways of reintroducing Veda Bread as a health food and as a ‘social object’ – generating a series of events,  and workshops with local people by working with TACO! and a network of galleries and bakeries across the country. Partners on the project include MIMA(Middlesborough), Grand Union (Birmingham) and Site (Sheffield) 

Images - Folds, wood, stone, dough, 2017. Photo by Tim Bowditch / Fold and Stretch, 2016 performace @ Site Gallery, Sheffield. Photo by Jules Lister

Laura Wilson has exhibited nationally including at SPACE, the Delfina Foundation (both London) and Site Gallery, Sheffield. Her ongoing research, Brick Project (2010-2018), investigates the history of bricks across the world and their architectural deployment in different cultures and historical periods. In 2017 she was commissioned as part of the Hull City of Culture Programme, presenting - Milling About (2017) - a choreographed performance piece responding to the archaeological collections in the Hull & East Riding museum and the history of grain production in Yorkshire. Milling About continued Laura’s ongoing research into the material properties and cultural meaning of dough, yeast, and bread.

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