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Thamesmead has a long cultural history of radio. In 1978 Radio Thamesmead (RTM) was launched, broadcasting on a localised cable radio system from a studio on Tavy Bridge.  The content of the station was distinctly made for, and by, Thamesmead. This was one of the first examples of the then new technology of cable radio being used. The stations' position as a positive cultural force was uniquely represented by the redistribution of its financial profits back into the regeneration and well being of the local community.  By 1990 RTM was broadcasting on FM radio as (103.8FM) and in 1997 the station changed its name to Millennium 106.8 -  a result of the station being taken into private ownership.  In 1999 the station became Time 106.8  but by April 2009 the station was forced to close and now no longer exists.

TACO! has commissioned local artist and producer Sam Skinner to develop a new radio station for Thamesmead. Sam’s project will be developed throughout 2018, culminating in October 2018 by turning TACO! into a live radio station, broadcasting a programme of local talent, music, live performance, artists, interviews, local history and more. For 28 days the station will broadcast on a temporary FM/MW license and online through a dedicated website.

This pilot project will aim to test and refine the radio platform. The long-term success of the project will depend on support from the community to help establish a way to sustain it and find a community-led model to run it as an online broadcasting platform for Thamesmead.

From July until October TACO! will be offering training in broadcast and music production for people who want to help run the station or produce their own broadcast content. This could be a live event for radio or a pre-recorded podcast series. Details of training to be announced.

In preparation for launching the station, we’re running a competition to find a name for the station and looking for people to get involved, either as a volunteer helping manage the station, a contributor to the broadcast programme or as a member of our steering group. Full details about the radio station and how to get involved can be found at or get in touch by emailing TACO! outlining your interest or ideas at 

30 Poplar Place
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