TACO! aligns with the Social Model of Disability. This means we are committed to making our venue accessible to everyone and to creating equal and equitable experiences for all people. If there’s anything we can do to make the space easier for you to access and enjoy, please get in touch

TACO! has two spaces:
  • A gallery, event space, bookshop, cafe-bar and broadcast studio at 2 Cygnet Square, SE2 9FA.
  • A production studio and workspace at 30 Poplar Place, SE28 8BA. 


Cygnet Square

The space is at street level with step-free entry. The width of the entrance is 110cm. The door is operated manually, and a Community Host is on hand to facilitate this. Floors are tiled and step-free throughout our gallery, event space, cafe, and toilet.

In the cafe-bar, seating consists of long benches and short stools with cushions on them. Seating with a back can be made available, please ask our Community Host.

The space has fluorescent lighting and gently coloured spotlights throughout. The ceilings are high and provide a comfortable audio environment. Ambient music is often played in the space at a moderate volume. Please talk to our Community Host about how we can make your sensorial experience more accessible and enjoyable.

There is a large, gender-neutral, wheelchair-accessible toilet.


Poplar Place

The space is at street level, there is a dropped curb within 3.5 metres from the building. The main entrance is accessed by a shallow ramp, 23cm deep. The width of the entrance is 70cm. There is a 5.5cm threshold to step over upon entry. Once inside the space, the floors are smooth and step-free throughout.

The space comprises a large main room, a kitchen and a small, gender-neutral toilet with a basin. There are two doorways leading to the toilet, the first is 65cm wide, the second 58cm wide.

At the front of the main room, there is a long, wooden window-bench with soft cushioning for seating. Folding plastic chairs with backs and beanbags are available for use.

The space has some natural daylight, and fluorescent lighting throughout. Ceilings are low and provide a comfortable audio environment.



Registered service and assistance dogs are welcome in all our spaces. If you require water bowls, please ask our Community Host. 


People accompanied by carers can request a free ticket for them to an event by emailing us at


TACO! commits to making continuous efforts to improve our accessibility, and we encourage engagement from our visitors on how we can work towards seamless, accessible and unhindered use for those with disabilities. Get in touch by emailing us at




Open Thurs-Sun, 10:00-18:00

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tel: 020 3904 6637