AUG 1- 31
OPENING 1 AUG / 12-6 

The TACO! bookshop reopens on the 1st August with new stock including the latest instalment of Weird Walk, Recipes for Resistance by Raju Rage, the freshly launched Limbo Magazine, Into the Night from Theo Turpin, and newly restocked copies of The Town of Tomorrow plus an expanded range of many more new titles.

The TACO! bookshop is a platform for independent publications, zines, vinyl and artist materials produced by publishers, small press, groups, galleries, and artist practitioners. Throughout August the bookshop will be hosting a summer sale of a large selection of affordable second hand titles on art, architecture, film, art theory and fiction with prices ranging from £1 -£5.

Also throughout the month and accompanying the sale we’ll be screening short artist films by Chooc Ly Tan, Nastassja Simensky, Nicole Morris and Hiroki Ishikawa that explore ideas ranging from deep geography and drunken architecture to disembodied bodily functions and microscopic geology.

Nicole Morris


Super 8 film on digital with sound, 3 minutes 26 seconds

Self-diagnose explores the relationship of mental health to domestic space. Shot on super 8 film and edited in camera, the soundtrack was made by inviting different participants to explore concepts of Grief, Joy, Fear, Anger and Worry within domestic spaces through sounds and speech. From positive affirmations to fortune fish, the film explores the connections between emotional feelings and physical realities, focusing specifically on how domestic anxiety can manifest when confined to the home.

Nastassja Simensky


16mm film transferred to digital video with sound 7 minutes, 2014

Set against a soundtrack composed from hydrophone and contract mic recordings, calcified aquatic worm casts and Heart Urchin tests washed up form Essex estuaries are examined alongside FP Burridge's aspirational architecture for Southend Central library and archival Nasa footage.  Built in 1974 the brutalist building was temporarily left empty when the Library relocated in 2013.

Chooc Ly Tan

Disobey to the Dance of Time: Samples 1, 2 & 3

Video, no sound, 2 minutes 28 seconds each, 2016

 Disobey to the Dance of Time (samples 1, 2 and 3), is a revised version of a video installation combining a colourful music visualizer, known as Akira Phase, moving to a 148 bpm-trance track, a 3D representation of Africa hovering in space-time, and the artist dancing to a hidden track coming from deep space.

Hiroki Ishikawa

Cocktail Shaker

Single HD video, 6 mins, 2019

Hiroki Ishikawi presents Cocktail Shaker footage from his 2019 installation We are already drunken

‘We all have been already drunken since “it” has started.

Once, you remember the taste you cannot stop.

Let’s shake shake shake.’


We’re also working to keep us, and you, safe while we’re open with free hand sanitizer and regular cleaning. We’ll be wearing masks and we’d appreciate it if you did too.

30 Poplar Place
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