Join us online for the launch of the inaugural edition of DreamsTimeFree, a new publication of experimental artists writing published by TACO!  and available to purchase online.

Responding to the theme of The End, the publication includes texts by Charlie Godet Thomas, The Crazy Creepy Cunts, Dani Smith, Donald Harding, Elizabeth Briggs, George Barber, Jessica Higgins, Joseph Griffiths, Katie Fiore, Liam Sprod, Maria Blom, Sam Keelan, Tom Sewell, and Tom Smith.

To accompany the publication launch TACO! is presenting a weekend of online performance, readings, screenings and discussion from artists and writers. ︎

Sat 18th April

6PM - Tom Smith presents Cineplex 

A projectionist finds themselves cut off from the rest of the world. Marooned by unexplained forces they must learn to live on what the cinema provides while trying to find a means of escape.

A performance for video exploring the concept of the mystery disaster film, hosted on this page from 6pm onwards, and the TACO! Facebook page

8pm - Beth Kettle pERFORMS 12. Large Eagle Dropping Left, Beyond in Descent (7) LINEAGE

An experimental text, borrowing Cecil (the caterpillar) to wriggle through a series of ideas around: a 21st century personality, celestial ancestral spirits, DNA, tree roots and philosophical plays with ground - fore & back, whilst he eats the world dry.
Instagram Live

8.30pm - HOlly Pester READs The Legend of Good Renters

A novella in process 
Instagram Live

9pm - SIMON BAYLISS’ Zoom me in my bedroom

A banging mix, sprinkled with with readings of queer poetry. This episode, Simon is joined by Tom Stockley (a.k.a T.S. Idiot, a.k.a MC Teabag).
Hosted on RTM.FM

Sun 19th April

2pm - JOSEPH GRIFFITHS LEADS The Environment: Considering the Hyper-Object in the context of Self-Isolation and slowing down. A GROUP DISCUSSION. 

An online group discussion  facilitated by Joseph Griffiths.
Hosted on Zoom.
Zoom meeting I-D: 393-181-784

Password: JGTACO1

If you will be joining the session, please consider the session topic in advance and bring along an idea, a text, a thought, or an object to share with the group. For further information regarding this online discussion please open this PDF

8pm - DreamsTimeFree on RTM

An hour of experimental sounds and words from Tom Sewell, Dani Smith, Jessica Higgins, George Barber, Liam Sprod, Crazy Creepy Cunts, NO3sis and more....
Hosted on RTM.FM

30 Poplar Place
SE28 8BA

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