EDGE CASES ︎ A NIGHT OF EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC ︎ Dhangsha ︎ Beatrice Vorster & YASMIN VARDI ︎ Pheobe riley Law  ︎ Tam Lin ︎ 24 MAY ︎



24 MAY 




Edge Cases  presents a night of experimental music and AV. The stuff on the fringes, the ecosystems at the edges of our cities, the blurry shapes at the edges of our screens, the sounds that we place in the morphing category of ‘noise'. 

Dhangsha, Beatrice Vorster & Yasmin Vardi, Pheobe riley Law, and Tam Lin bring material from the edges - the detritus, the ignored, the under-amplified, the cutting-room floor -  to the centre, relishing in their strange sonic and visual textures.


Dhangsha (Bengali for ‘destruction’) is the alias of sound artist and educator Aniruddha Das. He works at the interface of bass culture and experimental noise, creating turbulent soundscapes of industrial dancehall, where 'alien' motifs evolve over sparse but heavy beats and distorted bass. Aside from releasing a handful of albums, including for Hard Return, he has contributed to compilations by Iklectik, Syrphe, Avon Terror Corps, Tusk Editions, The Wire, Industrial Coast and Nonclassical. He has a forthcoming cassette release on Brachliegen Tapes. Known for his visceral live sets, Dhangsha has performed in the UK, Europe and Colombia and is set to appear this summer at Supernormal. BandcampInstagram

Beatrice Vorster and Yasmin Vardi have worked together since 2020, primarily focusing on moving image. Their practice centres on decoding cinematic archetypes, particularly of horror cinema, often parodying structural and narrative conventions of specific subgenres in the horror canon. The feminine position is central to their process of encoding and decoding. Throughout their body of work, they examine mechanisms of tension through humour, vulnerability and tropes. They are motivated by understanding cinema as a construction of our realities and identities.  Beatric Vorster performs and releases music as tape_2046 playing regularly across London spaces and international airwaves.  Soundcloud. Instagram

Pheobe riley Law is an installation artist with a focus on sound, three dimensional art, and image. Her magpie approach involves arranging and building relationships between different bodies, vessels or devices in order to create dialogues. Prevailing interests have included the life of non-human actors / inanimate objects, thinking about aspects of human activity through the lens of division and borders. Sometimes she playfully reverses the roles of humans and non-humans, revealing the object-hood of the human essence, and an animate character of the ‘inanimate’ being.  This performance will include field recordings from Pheobe’s recent residency in Japan, live foley, and animated objects. Previous and ongoing explorations focus on: the soundscapes of micro-worlds (“Moss Listening" - Sonic Acts Biennale, 2024); machine technologies as our sonic collaborators (“Machine Equities” - Fabrica, 2022-3; "Bell (auto) + 2” - A.P.T. Gallery, 2023); the relationship we have to the natural world, including the livestock industry (“Herd” - Newcastle University, 2021; "sour bay” - Science Art Festival Matsudo, 2023; "cardboard beaded sym:metry” - Breton Cassette, 2024); and the role salt has on aquatic life (“Oh o Salinity” - Humber Street Gallery 2022). Bandcamp. Instagram.

Tam Lin is the musical moniker of Tam Lines, a London based multimedia artist with a special focus on online AV cultures, the politics of eeriness, and contemporary conditions of anxiety and isolation. The persona of Tam Lin acts as a reflection of our social media age, in which ‘real’ selves overlap uncomfortably with digital appearances. Their music morphs between the hypersmooth aesthetics of online media, the pixellated and degraded texture of poor images and amateur content, and the clumsy, material reality of our embodied lives. Recent work includes “bluelightnospaceflattime”, an upcoming release with Flaming Pines; “Crystallised Estate”, an audio essay for the Barbican show "What is Happening Inside?”; “Isolated Together: The Online Sound of Digital and Analog Haunting”, a practice research paper for Sonic Scope Journal; and “Nearly”, an EP released on the Hard Return label. Tam Lin is also the co-founder of Crossovers Collective, an ongoing art and music collective based in South London. Bandcamp. Instagram.




Open Thurs-Sun, 10:00-18:00

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