Got Damp by artist Avril Corroon sets out to explore the potential for damp and breath as a material for an artwork.  Avril is working with people from across London to explore how an artwork work can be made from humidity and damp, a phenomena that  represents a ‘crisis of nature in the home’. 

The project is informed by Avril’s research into historic housing activism in London,  poor quality living conditions, and the subject of damp as a galvanising issue for communities in exercising their political agency. 

In 1971 residents of Thamesmead collectivly organised to highlight the issue of damp and water seepage in their recently built modern prefab homes.  A visiting MP , with delegates from the GLC, was greeted by striking red posters in the windows of residents simply stating ‘I’ve got damp’. The impact of a large  volume of protest posters displayed in windows captured the scale of the problem and quickly led to remidal work being carried out by the GLC. 

As part of her research Avril is looking for people who are experiencing damp in their home today and would like to sharing those experiences. If you you would like to talk to Avril and share your story with her then please email gotdamp@taco.org.uk , or fill in this online form. Over the next 12 months Avril will present her research through a number of public events as part of the process of developing a new work for exhibition at TACO! in 2023.


Avril Corroon works across moving image, performance, sculpture, and food to explore contemporary lived experience. Her work often combines absurd humour and political insight to form compelling visual narratives. Previous work has explored precarious living conditions, the housing crisis or labour exploitation.  In recent works Avril has incorporated ephemeral materials and subtle forms such as fragrances, touch and perishable food to produce works that are intense examinations of the body and its conditioning through modern life.    Avril was the recipient of the Freelands Foundation Bursary, and the Next GenerationAward by the Irish Arts Council in 2020. She has exhibited and performed widely including Peer Gallery (London), the Lab Gallery (Dublin), Platform Arts (Belfast) and South London Gallery.

30 Poplar Place
SE28 8BA
Registered Charity: 1196316  

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