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TACO! presents an afternoon screening of the 1980’s classic Sci-fi film TRON accompanied by an improvised sound track provided by artists Kate Carr, Matt Atkins, Cath Roberts, and Bill Thompson.  

TRON (1982) tells the story of a  computer programmer transported inside the software world of a mainframe computer and his attempts to escape. The film which starred  Jeff Bridges,  is distinct in that it a blended animated computer graphics with shot film, a feature that cemented the films cult status with cinema and sci-fi fans at the time of its release. 

The film will be screened with an improvised sound track featuring a range of sounds, foley and musical interpretations with the use of gongs, shakers, bird horns, self-made electronics, modified guitar and cassette players.  Sub titles will accompany the film. 

Improvised Tron has been curated by sound artist and musician Kate Carr. 

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Cath Roberts is a musician, artist and organiser whose work explores free improvisation, composition and music. She playsbaritone saxophone and compositions in the band Sloth Racket, formed in 2015 by Cath, touring widely and releasing several albums. As an organiser, Cath co-runs LUME with Dee Byrne, producing concerts, tours and festivals since 2013 and releasing music on their offshoot label Luminous. Improvisation using live electronics and objects has led to a solo release plus the beginning of several new collaborations. 

Kate Carr is a field recordist whose practice is centred on investigating the relationship between the soundscapes we collectively create and how we experience our shared public spaces. She works across composition, performance and installation. Everything from vibrations caused by cars and footfalls, to overheard murmurs, public speeches, music in public space, and the roar of distant sporting events has found its way into her compositions, and live performances. Inspired by the layers, minglings and silences in our collective soundscapes, Carr is interested in composing works probe the soundscape for clues as to how we negotiate living together. She is particularly focused on hybrid soundscapes: where forest meets town, nuclear power plant meets wetland, booming car stereo meets residential street.

Matt Atkins is an improvising percussionist and visual artist who uses
electronics, objects and tape loops in his work. He has released music
on labels such as Falt, Rusted Tone Recordings, Midnight Circles,
Invisible City, Whitelab Recs, tsss tapes, Structured Disasters, Coherent
States, Steep Gloss, Kirigirisu, Wabi Sabi Tapes, Complex Holiday,
Dasa Tapes and Tone Burst, among others. Since 2006 he has run his
own label, MRM recordings. In 2020 he began curating and presenting a
show for CAMP radio called Auricular Shelter. He has recently
collaborated with musicians such as Danny Clay, Brigitte Hart, Phil
Maguire, Ivy Nostrum, Costis Drygianakis, Diurnal Burdens, Daniel
J.Gregory, Slow Clinic, Paolo Sanna and Giacomo Salis.

Bill Thompson is a sound artist and composer. He performs regularly as a soloist as well as in a number of groups including The Seen, zerøspace, and Airfield (with Ian Spink), and duos with Richard Sanderson, Phil Durrant, and Yoni Silver. Past collaborations include performances with Keith Rowe, Faust, EXAUDI and others.  He has earned numerous awards and commissions including the PRS for New Music ATOM award, the GAVAA visual arts award, a PRS for New Music Three Festival commission, the 2010 Aberdeen Visual Arts Award, and was nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Award.

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*Image - Tron (1982)




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