Saturday 10th November


A discussion on prison life,  relationship with an incarcerated loved one, and the justice system with artist Lisa Selby, who runs the acclaimed @bluebaglife instagram blog, and Carl Cattermole (HMP Survival Guide).

Lisa will read texts including those of her partners, her own and those of persons who are serving or have served prison sentences, including at HMP Thameside in Thamesmead. The event will be followed by audience discussion.

This event will be broadcasted live. 

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Lisa Selby is an artist, activist and lecturer who lives and works in Nottingham and has exhibitoned nationally and interationally. 

Carl Cattermole is a journalist and writer, he regualr contributes to platforms inclyding the Guardian, Dazed and Confused and Open Deomocracy. His book HMP Surival Guide was published in 2015 

30 Poplar Place
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