Thamesmead Texas

presents: The future of artists and
architecture in Thamesmead

19 OCT / 7PM

Peripatetic Artist led platform Thamesmead Texas present a selection of films on social housing, gentrification and regeneration from the 1970’s – present day. The evening includes artist films by Katharine Meynell, Zoe Redman, Jocelyn Pook and John Smith. Selected by artist Vanessa Scully, as part of the series ‘ Thamesmead Texas presents:  The future of artists and architecture in Thamesmead’ the event sits within, and speaks too a new installation entitled ‘Heavy View’ by British Artist Laura Yuile that developed out of Yuile’s consideration of technological and architectural obsolescence. 

Part One
Kissing, Katharine Meynell (2014), 3 mins
Dungeness, John Smith (1987), 3:35 mins
Cripps at Acme, William Raban (1981), 5:35 mins
Overtime, Wendy Short (2016), 10:09 mins
Home Truths – Art and Soul, Channel 4 (2014), 4:51 mins
No 1 The Starliner, Vanessa Scully (2014) 1:05 mins
Blight, John Smith & Jocelyn Pook (1996), 16 mins

Part Two
Utopia London, Tom Cordell (2010), 82 mins
Tessa Garland, Here East (2017), 5:42 mins

30 Poplar Place
SE28 8BA                                                                                                                                                                                                                 ︎      ︎       ︎       ︎