20 JULY 2024

2 Cygnet Square SE2 9FA Broadcast live on


TACO! presents blurt, an evening of sonic experiments in text, with new performances by Alan Fielden, Flo Ray, Hugo Hagger & Evelyn Wh-ell, and NO. We invite you to an evening of live polyphonic encounters, failed duets, vernacular enquiries and other weird waves.


blurt is an experimental platform supporting artists to develop text-based works for live reading and performance, and synchronous live-to-air broadcast on In this testing-site for testing text, four artists and artist-groups consider radio broadcast as an expanded form of publishing. We perform to publish, which is to say, to make public. And our moment of thinking is live on air!


runway by Alan Fielden is a performance for choral voices and one musician, exploring human communication during catastrophe. Structured yet improvised, runway makes use of overlapping choral narratives and live music to consider alternative treatments of text, voice, and storytelling. With words and phrases diverging, converging, repeating, and iterating in a procession of characters and images, runway uses polyphony to evoke networks of tenderness, overwhelm, and hysteria.

No Internal Thing by Flo Ray is a feverish collision of sound and voice that performs what is known as ‘inner speech.’ It’s a solo headscape, a play for one, a mental score as lithe as language itself. When speaking of the ‘inner voice’, our limited vocabulary is also misleading: Thought, says Denise Riley, is no internal thing. Just as authorship is plagiarism and speech is ventriloquy, our thinking derives from elsewhere — so that what is most ‘inner’ is actually outer: social and impersonal. The disparate parts that populate No Internal Thing wonder as they wander, navigating topics as familiar and diverse as self-loathing, aimless desire and eternal damnation. They chatter and clash and chase after narrative, troubling distinctions between inside and outside. What keeps them afloat is what threatens to capsize them: cultural myths, accusations, quotes, wisecracks, song lyrics, moral injunctions, uninvited memories, the pervasive detritus of advertising. Will it never cease?

Double Entry by Hugo Hagger & Evelyn Wh-ell is a love story. Two protagonists play out two parallel storylines of self-alienation and dislocation in a tale about the queer joke that is life and its never-ending. Caught in the misfiring of causation, our protagonists face personal tragedy, missed sexual encounters, failed self-actualisation, and a scam phone call which drives them round in melodramatic circles until they lose the plot. Against the backdrop of a cast of 2-D characters, Double Entry’s duet form is a closed loop of interiority where only transformation is possible, not exit. Images and objects come back around to serve new functions in the narrative economy in which they work, changing substance but not appearance, or appearance but not substance, as they circle. In Double Entry, death is a life sentence.

air sign by NO attempts to ‘speak the world’. It is a feral spell and work of vandalism against the moral imposition of logic, order and virtue held in the worldly crucible of the loving relation and the body as a vessel of the state. Taking place between two departed individuals it examines the locus of the impossibilities and crime of loving. Exploring the line where physical violence is justified, the piece wilfully reenacts harm against real or imagined oppressors where voices are dually victim and perpetrator. It gives voice to mutual longing, objects of nature, and emotions of the unknown. Asking performers to risk betrayal, it disrupts the license of gendered power roles, the language of access and refusal, the totem of what we are able and unwilling to find permissible. Where do we find beauty, safety and recovery? In times of extremity and catastrophe, what are we willing to transgress or sacrifice for love, for grief, for injustice?




Open Thurs-Sun, 10:00-18:00

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